(Also see: Useful tips before your asset upload)

Learn how to navigate the view

If this is your first time using Nira, see our help article or video to familiarize yourself with its view navigation.

Adjust orientation (if needed)

You may need to adjust your asset's coordinate system in Nira if navigating the view feels unnatural or your asset is oriented strangely (e.g. it's upside-down or on its side).  This is a simple fix -- see How do I fix the orientation of my uploaded asset?

Fix incorrect or missing colors (if needed)

If your asset doesn't have the colors you expect, the fix is typically quite simple. See How to identify and fix a missing or unassigned texture file.

Set your preferred starting view and asset thumbnail

When you view an asset for the first time after uploading it, a starting view and asset thumbnail is automatically generated. Others that view the asset will start in the same spot you did. If you prefer a different starting view and thumbnail, first click mceclip3.png and navigate the view to the desired spot, then press the mceclip4.png button (Top Center).

Consider adjusting the Sharpen setting

The Sharpen setting can affect how detailed your asset looks. The default setting within Nira typically works well for most assets, but some assets may look better with a different value. To adjust Sharpen, click mceclip3.png and use the Look > Sharpen slider in the left panel. For more information, see Finding the best sharpen (sharpness) setting.

Share your asset with others!

See How do I share access to my assets?


Contact us, we're happy to help.

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