Tip: Watch this video (3m38s) for a tour of Nira's view navigation.

You can switch between Nira's main navigation tools by pressing these buttons on the left toolbar:

mceclip0.png Orbit Tool (Default): Dragging in the view rotates around the asset

mceclip1.png Pan Tool: Dragging in the view moves up/down/left/right

mceclip2.png Dolly / Zoom Tool: Dragging in the view zooms in or out

mceclip4.png Camera Fly Tool (aka "FPS Style Navigation"): See Camera Fly Mode section below


Tip: If you're using a touchscreen device or a mouse/keyboard, instead of pressing the Orbit, Pan, and Dolly/Zoom buttons to switch between navigation modes, you can remain in the default Orbit tool and use the Mouse / Keyboard navigation shortcuts or Mobile / Touch navigation shortcuts below to more quickly navigate the view. 


Mouse / Keyboard navigation shortcuts

On a PC with a multi-button mouse and keyboard, the following navigation shortcuts can always be used regardless of which navigation tool you're in. This is sometimes known as "Maya style navigation":

  • Orbit: Alt+LMB drag
  • Pan: Alt+MMB drag (MMB drag alone also works)
  • Zoom: Alt+RMB drag or Alt+LMB+MMB drag

You can also use the following convention ("Revit style navigation"):

  • Orbit: Shift+MMB drag
  • Pan: MMB drag
  • Zoom: Ctrl+MMB drag

Mobile / Touch navigation shortcuts

For mobile phones, tablets, and touch screens, the following combinations can always be used regardless of which navigation tool you're in:

  • Zoom: Pinch in/out
  • Pan: Two finger drag

Camera Fly Mode

While in the Camera Fly Mode, the following keyboard and mouse combinations can be used:

  • LMB drag: Walk around
  • RMB drag: Look around
  • MMB drag: Dolly up/down
  • A and D keys: Strafe left/right
  • W and S keys: Forward/back

Other navigation tips

  • Double-clicking or tapping anywhere on the surface of an object will center your camera to that point and orbit the camera from that point.
  • The ‘f’ key will frame the camera about the selection or entire scene if nothing is selected
  • Move floating windows (e.g., Image or UV View) by using Ctrl+LMB

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