1. All file data is checked in real-time to intelligently avoid uploading identical data. This means that files that you've previously uploaded should be available almost instantly (only the time required to hash the file(s) for comparison and processing is needed).
  2. Data is compressed on-the-fly during uploads. This significantly improves upload times for certain filetypes (e.g. OBJ files). Keep in mind, this compression is lossless, meaning no data is lost, only the amount of data transmitted is reduced.
  3. Nira divides files into smaller chunks to optimize network upload bandwidth, ensuring every bit of your internet bandwidth is used for the upload.  As a result, your internet may become saturated, leading to a reduced internet experience of other browser tabs until the upload is complete.  It's best to avoid viewing assets on Nira while uploading.

How does this work?

Nira will calculate a checksum for every file you upload, indicated by the "Checking files" status during the upload process.  This process is repeated on the Nira server to ensure the integrity of the files after they are uploaded.  Additionally, Nira will skip uploading files previously uploaded (matched checksum) to save time.  For large asset uploads (i.e., thousands of files), the "Checking files" step may take a considerable amount of time, sometimes several hours.  For optimal performance, we recommend uploading from your fastest storage device, such as an NVMe or SSD.  It's highly recommended to avoid uploads from a HDD or network drive.  To confirm that Nira is still "Checking files",  you can examine the drive activity in Windows Task Manager or a similar tool on Mac OS X, Linux, or Chromebook.  No files are being uploaded during the "Checking files" stage, but you should notice some activity on the drive containing your files.  The upload process begins only after each file's checksum has been calculated.  It's crucial not to move or modify any files during this time, doing so will inevitably cause the upload to fail.


Does Nira throttle uploads?

If you are on a Core plan, Nira may throttle your uploads or processing when processing servers are under heavy use.  Business and Enterprise plans, however, have the highest priority and do not experience throttling for uploads or processing.

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