To best utilize all of Nira's georeferencing features, it is recommended to upload all the files outlined below from Pix4D:

Geolocation files

  • 1_initial\params

Upload your and ..._wkt.prj files

Textured mesh files

  • 2_densification\3d_mesh
  • Upload your OBJ + MTL + JPG files
  • Do not upload the FBX file -- the OBJ + MTL + JPG files will include everything you need

For example, for a Pix4Dmapper project called "Pix4D-Nira", the files you will want to upload are as follows:

  • 1_initial\params\
  • 1_initial\params\Pix4D-Nira_wkt.prj
  • 2_densification\3d_mesh\Pix4D-Nira_simplified_3d_mesh.obj
  • 2_densification\3d_mesh\Pix4D-Nira_simplified_3d_mesh.mtl
  • 2_densification\3d_mesh\Pix4D-Nira_simplified_3d_mesh.jpg

You can optionally include your orthomosaic and point cloud files, such as:

  • 3_dsm_ortho\2_mosaic\Pix4D-Nira_transparent_mosaic_group1.tif
  • 2_densification\point_cloud\Pix4D-Nira_group1_densified_point_cloud.las

Support for calibrated camera data and DSM/DTM is coming later.

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