How to export your 3DF Zephyr project for Nira

If using 3DF Zephyr 7.501 or later, please use the integrated uploader:

3DF Zephyr supports uploading of assets directly to Nira.  Please use this if you're using 3DF Zephyr 7.501 or later, earlier versions had performance issues. 

1. Navigate to Export > Export Textured Mesh... > Upload to Nira > Export

2. Choose to enable or disable the three available options:

  • Mesh to export: will let you choose which of the available meshes you've processed
  • Export Cameras : will include all of your cameras
  • Local Rendering Reference System:  will not use georeferenced coordinates

3. Log into your Nira account and retrieve your Nira API key id and key secret.  Paste them into the Nira Uploader Settings dialog (shown below). You will also need to provide the name of your organization (e.g. The server settings are saved, so you won't need to provide them again for future uploads.

4. Type a name for your asset, then click OK to start the upload.ZephyrUploadSettings.png

Note: Your name will automatically be appended with a number if an asset with the same name already exists in your Nira account. For example, 3D Model of building will be renamed to 3D Model of building (2).


Alternatively, you can manually export and upload your models

Export  > Export Textured Mesh...

1. Disable Export Normals

2. Enable Export metadata.xml

3. Enable Export as UDIM

You will be asked for an destination directory.

The export process can take several minutes.


Camera position and orientation:

You may choose to include the camera data.

  1. Reference images: Distorted
  2. Enable Export internal and external parameters (TXT)


The resulting output will include the following:

  • 1 xml (georeferenced SRS data)
  • 1 mtl (material definition)
  • 1 obj (mesh geometry)
  • 1 or more jpg files (texture maps)
  • 1 internals.txt and 1 externals.txt (camera data)

You'll want to upload all of the exported files into your Nira account together.


To share your asset with others, see Simple Sharing - Asset Visibility (Private, Publicly Accessible, or Password Protected).

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