Point Cloud Preview Phase

Point cloud support is currently in a private preview phase exclusive to specific Enterprise plans.  Please reach out to us if you wish to enable Point Cloud support for your Enterprise account.

Please do NOT share URLs, screenshots, or videos of point cloud assets on social media platforms at this time. We intend to make an official announcement in the coming weeks. If you have any assets you'd like to share with us for our promotional release, we would greatly appreciate it. We would of course credit any contribution. Any point cloud data uploaded during the preview phase might not be compatible with the final release and will likely be removed from your account automatically.

Current Features:

  • The Nira viewer supports datasets (Laser scans / LiDAR) with an unlimited amount of points.
  • Filetype support: E57, LAS, and LAZ.  You can upload multiple point cloud files together in a single asset, but they must be uploaded together at the same time.

Current Limitations to be addressed in a future update:

  • Bubble/360 Panoramic views are not yet supported with E57 files. 
  • Point cloud files cannot be uploaded with any other file (i.e., mesh, image files, orthomosaics, *.rcinfo, .txt, or anything else).
  • Files cannot be added to an existing point cloud asset.
  • Processing of point clouds can take a while. We still have many opportunities for optimization and will improve this later.
  • Public sharing of point cloud assets is disabled during the preview. In the meantime, you may use the User sharing options to share your point cloud assets with specific individuals.

Choose "Photogrammetry" when uploading Point Cloud files.


Uploading a PLY, OBJ, or FBX file that contains point cloud data will fail to process or render.  To determine if an OBJ file is formatted as a point cloud file, open it in a text editor and look for the presence of "f " -- specially the letter f followed by a space, without quotes. The absence of a line starting with "f " indicates that the OBJ file has no triangles and was exported as a point cloud.

Note:  We'll update this article once with every significant update.  Feel free to register an account on our help center and click the Follow button to receive notifications when the feature becomes available.

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