To delete a callout, you must either have edit access to the asset or be accessing it through an inspection link.

1. Find the Callout you wish to delete and click on it. This will open a modal window displaying the callout details. If you don't see the modal window, ensure you are logged in.

Screenshot 2024-07-08 at 22.03.35.png

2. Click the downward chevron icon next to the X close button to access options for the callout.

Screenshot 2024-07-08 at 22.03.48.png

3. Click "Remove." This will open up a new confirmation dialog.

Screenshot 2024-07-08 at 22.03.57.png

4. Confirm that you want to remove the callout by clicking Delete.

Screenshot 2024-07-08 at 22.04.09.png

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