The layer list window displays a listing of all callouts and measurements for the current asset.

The layer list window (upper right corner) and the layer list button (lower right corner, in blue)

To open the window, click the layer list button. Clicking on a callout or measurement within the list will activate it, and can perform other actions such as opening that callout's window or shifting to a predetermined 3D view. To learn more about how callouts and measurements behave when they're clicked, see the Callout Types section of our documentation.

The dropdown in the window's upper right corner also offers several functions:

  • Show callouts: Show / Hide all callouts within the 3D view.
  • Show measurements: Show / Hide all measurements within the 3D view.
  • Callout view style: Change the the Callout View style for all callouts within the 3D view. Learn more about Callout view styles here.
  • Listing style: Controls how callouts are shown within the Layer list window - with the Callout ID and Title, or only with the Title.

Listing styleCallout ID and Title (left), Title (right)

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