Callout View Style - Circle, Title, and Callout ID Callout View Style - Circle, Title, and Callout ID

Callout View Style - Circle, Title, and Callout ID

The callout view style controls how all callouts look inside the 3D view:

Callout View Styles: Callout ID, Circle, and Title

To change the view style of your callouts, open your asset then click the layers list button in the lower right corner of the window. The layers list window will be shown. Click the dropdown menu button in the upper right corner to access the Callout view style picker:

There are three Callout view styles available:

Callout ID - (A1, A2, C1, C2, etc)

Each callout appears as a circle with its unique ID inside of it. A callout’s ID is assigned to it upon its creation, and it remains constant and unchangeable. Even if a callout gets deleted, its ID won't be reused by another callout. This consistency makes callout IDs reliable for reference in communication. For instance, if a team member mentions callout B4 in an email on Monday, that callout is certain to refer to the same thing on Friday.


Callouts are displayed as semi-transparent circles. No text or number content is shown within the circles, which gives them a clean look.


Each callout appears as a rectangle with its title inside of it. To learn how to set the title of a callout, see the articles in the Callout Types section of our documentation.

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