Sharing your asset using an Inspection Link Sharing your asset using an Inspection Link

Sharing your asset using an Inspection Link

An Inspection Link allows collaborators to view and partially edit Nira assets without requiring a Nira user account. 

Inspection Links allow for:

  • Viewing an asset as an anonymous user
  • Basic editing (perform measurement and analysis using the 2D/3D callout tools) without a log-in.  This is very useful for assets embedded into an existing platform that manages user control and privileges outside of Nira
  • The callouts will remain saved (measurements will be saved in a future update to Nira)
  • Generate PDF Inspection reports
  • Download previously generated PDF Inspection reports

Inspection links are unique URLs that are different than the default asset URL used for shared viewing or full editing (requiring log-in). 


Inspection Links are off by default and need to be enabled.  To do so, click the Share... button and enable Share using Inspection Link within the Inspection Tab...

You have the option to set a password on an asset using an Inspection Link.



Note: Inspection Links offer a convenient way to share assets for inspection purposes, such as adding or modifying callouts and measurements. It's important to note that these links facilitate anonymous editing (no log-in required). If you require more precise control over sharing with enhanced security, including the option for automatic sharing expiration, you may consider using user-based sharing.

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