Nira Release Notes - Feb 17th, 2023 Nira Release Notes - Feb 17th, 2023

Nira Release Notes - Feb 17th, 2023

New budget-friendly plan: Nira Core

We've introduced a new plan called Nira Core, which is $9/mo (paid annually) or $15/mo (paid monthly). Core provides all the same great features you've come to love about Nira -- showcasing your work with incredible detail on any device, performing highly efficient visual inspections, and more. Our existing $99/mo Business plan offers enhanced features that are not available with the Core plan, like custom branding, embedding, and others. Our Enterprise plan offers a range of exciting features as well. See for more details.

Public Homepage

Your Public Homepage will be your default Nira page, showcasing a selection of your assets for anyone to discover and view. You control which assets appear on your Public Homepage, and you can choose whether to have a Public homepage at all. To learn more, see Your Public Homepage

New asset usage type: Public Gallery assets

To complement the Public Homepage, we've also introduced a new kind of asset called a Public Gallery asset. They're always listed on your Public Homepage, enabling anyone to discover, view, and share them. All plans include 5 Gallery assets. Gallery assets are the most affordable option to showcase your best work. To learn more, see What is a Public Gallery asset?

Premium assets

Premium assets offer features that are not available with Gallery assets, including privacy controls, custom branding, inspection reports, and more. If you were a Nira user before this release, you are already familiar with Premium assets -- that's all Nira had.  Now, we've simply given them a name to differentiate them from the newly introduced Gallery assets. To learn more, see What is a Premium asset?

Flat-rate, one-time payment option for Premium assets

You now have the option of making a flat, one-time $49 payment for a Premium asset as an alternative to using your account's triangle/texture/photo storage. The flat-rate payment option is great for per-project client work, since it allows you to better understand your costs upfront. To learn more, see Premium Assets: Use asset storage or a flat-rate payment

Preview mode and asset Usage Type selection area

To support the new additions of Gallery assets and the flat-rate payment option, a dialog has been introduced for selecting between Gallery, Premium (asset storage), and Premium (flat-rate). Additionally, you're able to Preview the asset, which is useful for verifying that the asset is functioning correctly before picking a Usage Type. To learn more, see How to pick a usage type for your asset

Per-asset password protection

You can now require visitors to enter a password before viewing an asset. This password can be set on a per-asset basis. To learn more, see our help article about Asset Visibility.

Note that per-asset password protection is different from user-based sharing, which provides granular control over others' access to your assets. User-based sharing is exclusively available with Business or Enterprise plans, whereas per-asset password protection is available with all plans. To learn more about user-based sharing, refer to Advanced Sharing - User-role based access controls and What is a user and why do I need them?

Asset Inspection Links

You can now enable and share an Inspection Link for any of your assets. An Inspection Link allows the viewer to access visual inspection features such as photo callouts/defects and inspection report PDF creation and viewing. Additionally, you have the option to set a password on an Inspection Link. To learn more, see Sharing your asset using an Inspection Link.

Asset Share dialog reworking

The asset Share... dialog has been reorganized into tabs to better support all the new additions mentioned above. To use the reorganized Share dialog, click on an asset from your list to view its preview page then click on "Share...".

Callouts in 3D view will display using defect severity color

Callout markers within the 3D view are displayed with the defect's severity color. Previously, all callout markers were shown using a standard grey color.

Fixed issue with slow PDF report generation

Resolved an issue where "Generate Report" could take longer that it should have. PDF Report generation nearly always takes less than a minute, and often takes as little as 10 or 20 seconds.

What's next?

In our next release, look forward to many measurement tool improvements (including a new volume measurement option), improvements to our callouts and defects, and more.

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