Premium Assets: Use asset storage or a flat-rate payment Premium Assets: Use asset storage or a flat-rate payment

Premium Assets: Use asset storage or a flat-rate payment

There are two different methods to add a Premium asset to your account: The ⦿ Use asset storage or the ⦿ Use flat-rate payment option, which are available within an asset's Usage Type selection area.


Briefly, you'll want to ⦿ Use asset storage for assets that are:

  • ever needing to be modified, i.e., add or replace data.
  • meant to be kept on Nira for a limited period of time -- typically less than 12 months.  Once you delete the asset, the used storage can then be applied for other assets or you can lower your storage pool and earn credit towards your future billing cycle.  Everything is calculated down to the minute, so you only pay for the storage you use when you need it.
  • smaller in size.  Your asset storage pool can be independently increased in increments of 50 million triangles, 5 Gigapixels for textures, and/or 10 Gigapixels for photos. As an example, if each of your assets consists of 5 million triangles, you can accommodate 10 such assets within the 50 million triangle asset storage pool. This would incur a cost of $4 per month or $36 per year for all 10 assets.

Alternatively, you'll want to ⦿ Use flat-rate payment for assets that are:

  • immutable and meant to be stored on Nira for longer than 12 months.


The two options are more thoroughly explained below.



⦿ Use asset storage

Your account has an expandable storage pool of triangles, textures, and photos. If you choose ⦿ Use asset storage and your pool is not large enough to accommodate a particular asset, you will be prompted to expand the pool to ensure that the asset will fit:


If your storage pool already has enough free space to fit a particular asset, you won't receive this prompt. Business and Enterprise plans include some initial storage pool capacity, whereas the Core plan does not. This means that on a Core plan you'll be asked to expand your pool first time you choose ⦿ Use asset storage.

After adding the asset to your storage pool, you'll receive the message below and the premium features will become available for the asset.


Note, your storage pool is sized in increments of 50M triangles ($4/mo or $3/mo paid annually), 5GP of textures ($4/mo or $3/mo paid annually), or 10GP of photos ($1/mo or $1/mo paid annually). Due to this increment-based sizing, you may have some extra space left after expanding your pool and adding an asset to it. Any remaining space can be used for future uploads. Administrators can adjust the storage pool size at any time within the billing page.


⦿ Use a flat-rate payment

You'll be prompted to confirm a one-time payment of $49 if you choose ⦿ Use a flat-rate payment 


After a successful payment, all premium features will become available for the asset. If your asset exceeds any of the size limits for the $49 flat-rate price, you will be asked if you'd like to pay a custom flat-rate price (More Info). Any asset purchased using the flat-rate payment option will maintain its premium features for as long as you continue your Nira subscription at your current plan level (e.g. Core, Business, or Enterprise).

Flat-rate limitations

The following limitations apply to assets purchased using the flat-rate payment option:

  • You cannot add files or update files on a flat-rate asset.  If you anticipate needing to add files or update files on an asset in the future, ⦿ Use asset storage for that asset.

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