Your Public Homepage is your default Nira page, showcasing a selection of your assets for anyone to discover and view.

Who can find, view, and share the assets on my Public Homepage?

Anyone can find, view, and share the assets listed on your public homepage. Moreover, your public homepage may be indexed by search engines, or featured on our homepage or social media. Only list assets on your Public homepage that you'd be pleased for anyone to find and view. A Premium asset with its [ ] Show on Public Homepage option turned off is the appropriate choice when any level of privacy is required for it (More details below).

Which assets are listed on my Public Homepage?

Please note, it is not possible to hide a Gallery asset from your Public homepage. If you don't want a particular asset to be shown in your Public Homepage, it must be configured as a Premium Asset.

What if I don't want a Public Homepage?

Following the steps below will ensure that you have no Public Homepage at all, and any outside visitor to your Nira homepage will see a login screen instead:

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