How can I achieve the best quality textures from RealityCapture? How can I achieve the best quality textures from RealityCapture?

How can I achieve the best quality textures from RealityCapture?

Nira supports an unlimited amount of textures.  This means that you can always output the highest quality textured model that RealityCapture is able to produce.  Please use the following instructions to achieve the best quality textures from RealityCapture.

  1. Click the Settings button within the MESH MODEL tab
  2. Increase Maximal texture resolution to 16,384 x 16,384.  This reduces the total texture file count and UV islands while maximizing quality for large flat areas.
  3. Increase the Large triangle removal threshold to 250.  This will ensure that larger triangles are still textured.
  4. Change Style to Adaptive texel size. This will provide the highest quality detail in areas captured with more photos.
  5. Change Maximal required texel size to Optimal. This will provide the most optimal resolution for areas that have more photos.



You may want to increase the default Gutter setting to more than 2 if you notice black lines on your model.  Increasing the gutter will provide more empty pixel space between your UV texture islands, thus reducing these line artifacts.  Increasing the Gutter setting will likely increase the texture count so only do so if you notice black lines. Below you can see a screenshot of an example asset using a gutter setting of 2 and 8 respectively.




Note during Export:

RealityCapture has an option of outputting all of your textures into a single texture file up to 64K (65,536 x 65,536).   The setting is called Export to a single texture file.  It is recommended that you disable this option because it can dramatically reduce the quality of your texture output.  This feature of RealityCapture will condense all of your textures into a single texture file.  64K texture is extremely large but it may not be enough to fit all of your textures.  For reference, a single 64K texture is equivalent to sixteen 16K textures.  So if your model has more than sixteen 16K textures, your texture quality will be reduced.  Another drawback to this approach is that the upload and processing times for Nira will be significantly longer.


If you still choose to use the Export to a single texture file, you should know that Nira currently only supports textures up to 32K (32,768 x 32,768).


Normal and Displacement maps:

RealityCapture has the ability to create "normal" and "displacement" maps to simulate geometry detail.  Since Nira can already render massive amount of triangles, you should not create or upload these textures for display in Nira.

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