• It’s recommended that you use an OBJ (mesh) + PNG (texture) sequence.
  • Textures should have a pow2 pixel resolution in both dimensions (e.g., 512, 1024, 2048, or 4096)
  • Corresponding mesh and texture files need to be named exactly the same (minus the file extension), do not include the mtl files. Example sequence naming:

name_00000.obj + name_00000.png

name_00001.obj + name_00001.png

name_00002.obj + name_00002.png

Upload all files together by dragging and dropping them into the browser and select "Volumetric Video". 


After the upload has completed, Nira will automatically assign the corresponding texture to every mesh snapshot.

PLY for mesh data should also work, though it is not recommended.  Please contact us if you prefer PLY over OBJ.


Alembic, USD, MVX, MP4, 4DS, and other Volumetric Video file types are planned to eventually be supported.  Volumetric video can also be referred to as:  Volumetric Capture, 4D Video, Animated Photogrammetry, Mesh Sequences, or Mesh Snapshots.

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