Image file classification during upload (photos vs. textures) Image file classification during upload (photos vs. textures)

Image file classification during upload (photos vs. textures)

When uploading image files to a photogrammetry asset, each of your image files need to be classified as either a photo or a texture. This ensures that the images are processed and displayed correctly within Nira's UI. Both of Nira's classification methods (Automatic and Manual) are documented below.

Automatic image file classification

By default, Nira will attempt to automatically classify each of your image files as either a photograph or a texture map. The automatic classification usually works quite well, but in some rare cases you may receive the following message: "Some images could not be classified as photos or textures." as shown in the screenshot below. To resolve this, carefully follow the instructions given in the dialog to classify any listed image files.


Manually classifying your image files

In rare circumstances, the automatic classification might misclassify one of your image files. For example, if you have a texture file with a 'Camera Model' EXIF tag on it and dimensions of 2048x1024, Nira may incorrectly classify this file as a photo due EXIF tag.

If this occurs, you can manually classify all of your image files rather than using the default automatic classification. To do this, after dragging your files into Nira, open the file options, check the "Manually classify image files" box, then click Next, as shown in the screenshots below. On the next page, follow the instructions carefully to classify your image files.




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