Understanding Your Billing Page Understanding Your Billing Page

Understanding Your Billing Page

Your billing page provides the tools you'll need to view and manage your account and subscription.  To access your billing page, log in, click on the three lines in the top left corner of the screen, and then select Billing from the left sidebar.


Current Plan

Your current subscription plan and its associated cost are displayed at the top of the page. 


Payment Information

You’ll find options to manage your payment preferences, including where payment receipts are sent, view and download invoices, and how to cancel your plan if needed. Support contact information is provided here as well.


Credit Balance

Your credit balance if applicable – any funds available for future charges – will be shown here.


Included in Your Plan

The usage of your plan is shown, including the count of user accounts, and premium asset storage capacity. You can track your current usage of each resource and view the remaining availability.


Purchasing Additional Resources

If you require additional users or storage (triangles, textures, photos) beyond what's covered in your plan, you can easily add them.


Current Price

A summary of your subscription cost and billing frequency is displayed at the bottom.


New Price

If you've made any changes to your current plan, a new total cost will be presented.  Click "Change Capacity..." to confirm the changes.


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