If you have an existing website or web-based platform that your users log into, using SSO will allow them access to Nira without logging in a second time. Nira can integrate with any SSO user identity provider (IDP) that supports OIDC (our recommended option) or SAML. For reference, some examples of identity providers are:
These are just some examples, but there are many others that Nira also supports. If you are completely unfamiliar with SSO, this AWS blog post also provides a general introduction: What is SSO (Single-Sign-On)?

Integration process

SSO integration is only offered with our Enterprise accounts. Shortly after signing up for a Nira Enterprise account, we'll reach out and ask you to submit the following information to us via a secure web form:

If using OIDC (Our recommended option):

  • Your IDP's Client ID
  • Your IDP's Issuer
  • Your IDP's Client Secret

If using SAML:

  • Entity ID
  • Token signing certificate

After receiving your response, we'll configure SSO for your account, then ask you to perform a login to ensure that the integration is working properly.

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