Nira has basic support for IFC 2x3 files, but it is currently not as well supported as OBJ and FBX. If you encounter an issue with IFC, we suggest trying OBJ or FBX, if possible.

Here are some tips for uploading IFC files to Nira:

  • Only IFC 2x3 is supported, so when exporting from your application, be sure to select IFC 2x3. Other IFC versions, such as IFC 4 and IFC 4.3 will not work.
  • Your IFC file(s) must have the .ifc file extension.
  • Select the Photogrammetry option during upload.
  • After upload, open the asset, enter Edit Mode, change the following settings, then click Save | Revert (upper-left corner)

Note: The advice above may give some surfaces a faceted appearance rather than a smooth/rounded one. If you prefer smooth looking surfaces, you can try to select PBR instead of Photogrammetry during upload, and also leave [ ] Faceted Normals unchecked. However, there are some known issues with smooth normal support and IFC files, so this may lead to strange results.

Please do reach out to us if you're interested in improved IFC support, so we can better understand your particular use-case for it as compared to OBJ or FBX.

Note: We will update this article when our IFC support receives improvements, so feel free to create an account here on the help center, and once you're logged in you'll be able to click the Follow button above to be notified when it's ready.

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