Does Nira support georeferenced files? Does Nira support georeferenced files?

Does Nira support georeferenced files?

Yes. In fact, to best utilize all of Nira's features, it is recommended that you export your files using georeferenced coordinates. If you plan to use georeferenced coordinates, you'll need to determine an appropriate coordinate system for your project. Here's how:

• Choose a UTM Zone if you're not sure which coordinate system to use:

Simply drag one of your project's photos into the UTM Zone Identification webpage and make note of the UTM Zone displayed. You'll need this UTM zone when configuring your export.

• If you already have a preferred coordinate system:

Be sure it's cartesian. To check this, look up the EPSG number here: Ensure that it includes "Coordinate System: Cartesian 2D CS". For example, the page for EPSG:28992 confirms that is cartesian, whereas EPSG:4326 is not. If your preferred coordinate system is not cartesian, you should use a UTM Zone instead -- see the first bullet point above to learn how.

What's next?

Now that you've chosen your coordinate system, it's time to export your data. For application specific export and upload guides, see the How do I export from... section of the Nira documentation.