You have several options for Custom Branding and White Labeling with Business and Enterprise accounts.


To upload your company logo, log in with an Admin user, click on the Admin button from your dashboard, then click on "Branding".


Custom Branding (included with Business and Enterprise plans):

You can customize the Login page, Asset List Dashboard, Public Homepage, Preview Page, Asset Loading Splash Screen, and PDF reports to include your custom company logo, replacing the Nira logo.   Logos can be uploaded as an SVG (recommended) or PNG (use 32 bit images that include alpha for best results).

Examples of logo placement displayed below.

Log in page:



Asset List Dashboard:


Public Homepage Asset List:


Asset Preview Page:


Asset Loading Splash Screen (two different examples):




PDF Reports:


White Labeling (Enterprise plans only):

In addition to the Custom Branding, White Labeling allows for further customization. See example screenshots below.

Removal of "Powered by Nira" Watermark:


Removal of "Powered by Nira" PDF footer


Removal of Help icon in dashboard.


Custom login and asset URLs:

You can choose whatever custom URL for sharing, for example :<assetid>  <-- does not work, this is just an example of what your login, asset URL, or embed links would appear as

On-premises deployment / managed service:

Nira can also be deployed "on-prem", also known as self-hosted.  This allows for custom configurations whereby you have Nira installed and configured using your hardware (local to your facility, within a datacenter, or utilizing a 3rd party cloud service provider).  Pricing starts at $10K per month for software licensing, please contact us for more information.



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