When a user clicks a Measurement, a window with that measurement’s information will appear. Defect information can also be viewed or modified:

Users with edit access to an asset can use this window to change the measurement’s title and volume measurement parameters. These changes will be saved and used when others view the asset. Users with view-only access to the asset can adjust volume measurement parameters, but these changes will not be saved. They have view-only access to the measurement’s defect information.

The dropdown in the window's upper right corner also offers several functions:

  • Remove: Deletes the measurement.
  • Include in PDF Report: Controls whether to include this measurement in the PDF Inspection Report.
  • Set bookmark: Captures the view's current position for later usage with the Go to bookmark button.
  • Go to bookmark: Immediately shifts the 3D view to the position saved using the Set Bookmark button.

Note, when the Callout Type is Measurement, the Defect > Severity Level selection also controls the color of the measurement in the 3D view.

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