When a user clicks on a Camera Bookmark callout, their 3D view shifts to a predefined position. View-only users won't see a window, but asset editors will see the following:

The dropdown in the window's upper right corner also offers several functions:

  • Remove: Deletes the callout.
  • View Color: Controls the color of the callout in the 3D view and its icon color in the layer list window.
  • Set bookmark: Captures the view's current position as the callout's default. When a user clicks on the callout, the view will shift to this position.
  • Go to bookmark: Immediately shifts the 3D view to the position saved using the Set Bookmark button.

Camera Bookmark FAQs

Q. Can Camera Bookmark callouts appear in PDF Inspection Reports?

A. No. Only Defects and Measurements can appear in a PDF Inspection Report.

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