The Nira client tool is a downloadable python-based application that allows you to perform many Nira tasks, including:

  • Creating new assets and uploading an initial set of files to it - Useful for writing scripts that sync assets from your local directories, or uploading assets from existing tools such as Perforce, Shotgun, etc.
  • Adding files to existing assets
  • Listing assets
  • Changing an asset's sharing properties
  • Server-side fetching from your HTTPS file source (e.g. object storage) instead of uploading. More details below.

The Nira client tool also contains an python-based implementation of the Nira API, so it can serve as a reference for implementing your own client-side Nira functionalities in a programming language of your choice. Please note, using the Nira Upload API and Nira client tool requires an Enterprise Nira account.

To get started, visit the releases page to download the latest version:

  Download latest release

You can also find further Nira client information and documentation here.

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