What is a Public Gallery asset? What is a Public Gallery asset?

What is a Public Gallery asset?

You can configure an asset as Public Gallery by choosing the ⦿ Public Gallery option when you pick its usage type. See How to pick a usage type for your asset to learn more.

Note, during a trial of Nira, all assets are Premium and you will not need to select a usage type. More Info


Gallery assets are always listed on your Public homepage, enabling anyone to discover, view, and share them. All plans include 5 Gallery assets, making  Gallery assets the most affordable option to showcase your best work to everyone. Gallery assets lack certain features of Premium assets. Gallery assets also have some size limits, but these limits are quite generous. You can find details about the limitations of Gallery assets below.

Gallery assets lack certain features that are provided by Premium assets, such as measurement tools, privacy controls, custom branding, embedding, and inspection tools. Additionally, you cannot add files to a Public Gallery asset. See Premium asset features for a full list.

Your Public Homepage

Your Public homepage is what others will see when visiting your Nira URL, and it lists a particular selection of your assets for anyone to discover and view. Your Gallery assets are always listed on this page. See Your Public Homepage to learn more.

Who can find, view, and share my Public Gallery assets, and what asset information do viewers have access to?

  • Anyone can find, view, and share your Public Gallery assets.
  • Your Public Homepage may be indexed by search engines, or featured on our homepage or social media.
  • Any geographic location information included with the asset or its files may be exposed to anyone that views the asset. For example, Nira has both current and planned features that allow for viewing of lattitude/longitude coordinates of 3D points or within photos included with the asset.

In summary, your Public Gallery assets should be content that you would be pleased with with anyone finding and viewing. A Premium asset is the appropriate choice when any level of privacy whatsoever is required for it.

Gallery assets have the following triangle, texture, and photo limits:

  • 300 million Triangles
  • 20 gigapixels of Textures
  • 20 gigapixels of Photos

If you choose ⦿ Public Gallery while picking an asset's usage type, and your asset exceeds any of the limits, you'll receive an error message. In this case, you can opt to choose the ⦿ Premium option then choose to use your Asset storage or a flat-rate payment.

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