Custom flat-rate premium asset pricing Custom flat-rate premium asset pricing

Custom flat-rate premium asset pricing

The standard $49 flat-rate premium asset price includes up to a certain amount of triangles and pixels. The amount of triangles and pixels covered by the $49 price depends upon your Nira plan type:

Nira Plan Included for $49 (Per Asset):
Nira Core:
  • Up to 50 Million triangles
  • Up to 5 Gigapixels of Textures
  • Up to 10 Gigapixels of Photos
Nira Business:
  • Up to 200 Million triangles
  • Up to 10 Gigapixels of Textures
  • Up to 20 Gigapixels of Photos
Nira Enterprise:

If an asset has more triangles or pixels than shown above, you'll be asked if you'd like to purchase it for its custom flat-rate price. The custom price covers the asset's additional pixels and/or triangles above the included amount. Here's an example of the dialog:

You can expand the Show Details and "Base price + Additional ..." sections to view more details:

If you make this purchase, the asset will become a premium asset, and it will maintain its premium features for as long as you continue your Nira subscription at your current plan level (e.g. Core, Business, or Enterprise).

Listed below, you'll find current custom flat-rate pricing. These prices are only applied for triangles and pixels above the amounts that the $49 base price includes.

$0.50 per Million Triangles
$1.50 per Gigapixel of Textures
$0.75 per Gigapixel of Photos

We do provide additional discounts for exceptionally large assets, e.g., exceeding 200 GP of photos. If you have assets of this size, please contact us directly.

Please note, $49 is the base flat-rate price, which means that is the lowest possible price per-asset when using the flat-rate option. Consider using the Asset Storage option for smaller assets or for assets that you only need temporarily (e.g., for just a few months) or upgrade to Enterprise for custom quotes if you plan to upload many assets.

Current limitation:

  • You cannot add any files to a flat-rate asset. If you require the ability to add files to the asset later, ⦿ Use asset storage is the appropriate choice.

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