You can configure an asset as Premium by choosing the ⦿ Premium option when you pick its usage type. See How to pick a usage type for your asset to learn more.

Note, during a trial of Nira, all assets are Premium and you will not need to select a usage type. More Info

Premium Asset features

Premium assets provide the following features that are not available with Gallery assets:

  • They can be private and they are private by default
  • Measurement tools
  • Photo Callouts and Defects
  • PDF Inspection Reports
  • Password Protection
  • Markups
  • Supports sizes above the Gallery asset limits
  • Embedding
  • Custom Branding
  • User-based privacy controls

∗ Business and Enterprise plans only

Asset storage or flat-rate

When adding a premium asset, you can choose between using your asset storage or by making a flat-rate payment. Read Asset storage or flat-rate payment to learn more.

Business and Enterprise plans include some storage

Business and Enterprise plans include some initial storage pool capacity.

Can be private, and are private by default

Unlike Gallery assets, Premium assets can be private, and they are private by default. To learn how to  control access to your Premium assets, see Asset Visibility - Private, Publicly Accessible, or Password Protected. Additionally, the Users tab allows for user-based access control (Business and Enterprise plans only).

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