How to pick a usage type for your asset How to pick a usage type for your asset

How to pick a usage type for your asset

The Usage Type selection dialog

If you click on an asset that requires its Usage Type to be configured, the Usage Type selection dialog will be shown. You'll need to pick a Usage Type before sharing your asset. Continue reading to learn how.

Note: During a trial of Nira, all assets are Premium and you cannot select a usage type. More Info

First, preview your asset

If you haven't viewed the asset yet, it's best to pick the ⦿ Preview your asset option and press the View Asset button. This will open the asset in the Nira viewer so you can verify its correctness. If you notice anything unusual about your asset while previewing it, the Upload & Verify your asset section of our documentation has tips and answers to many common questions.

Once you're happy with the way your asset looks, it's time to pick its Usage Type. This will determine the features and billing method for the asset.

Choose ⦿ Public Gallery if you'd like for anyone to be able to find the asset on your Public Homepage and your asset doesn't require inspection tools, embedding, branding, or any of the other Premium asset features.  All plans include 5 Gallery assets, so they're a convenient way to showcase a small collection of your best work. Also see What is a Public Gallery asset? to learn more about Public Gallery assets.

Choose ⦿ Premium if you need to control whether others can discover your asset or if it requires inspection tools, embedding, custom branding, or any of the other Premium asset features. When choosing ⦿ Premium, you'll also need to pick between using your asset storage or a making flat-rate payment. Read Asset storage or flat-rate payment to learn more.

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