1. First, sign in to your Nira organization. New to Nira?  Sign up

2. After logging in, click the admin panel button in the upper right corner:

3. On the left side of the admin panel, click App Keys.

4. Click the Add an app key button in the center of the page. If you already have app keys, the Add button will be in the upper-right corner of the page.

5. In the dialog that appears, select Choose an application > RealityCapture from the dropdown.

6. Click the Create button.

7. A dialog will appear showing your app key information. Copy and paste the Org, Key ID, and Key Secret from the dialog into the RealityCapture Nira Authentication APP key dialog:

Note, the RealityCapture Nira Authentication APP key dialog can be found in RealityCapture by clicking Share > Upload to Nira:

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